Band Information



If you haven’t taken part in the contest before, the organisation for bands and coaches at Delph is straightforward. Once your coach has turned off the main A62 and into ‘The Sound’, you are driving right into the contest coach lineup into a one-way system The coaches will be parked in order of play and to ensure this happens, whoever books the band in at the Millgate Centre, will be given a sticky note with a number, which they will be asked to display on the front of their coach. Drivers are politely requested to turn off their engine while waiting.

Over the last few years, bands have been encouraged to pre-book, using the Saddleworth and Oldham website, there is also a link on this site that can be used. Using this method ensures that all necessary details are held centrally. Contests are now required to submit BOPA information to Oldham Council and therefore you will be asked how many players under the age of 16 will be playing in your band. There is easy access if, for any reason, your band decides not to stay, merely tell the coach steward you wish to leave. Your maximum waiting time should be no longer than six minutes, the coach steward will notify the booking-in steward to make sure numbers are still in order.

If the band decides to enter at short notice and has not pre-registered, we will ask for the band’s full name, section, and the name of the march to be played in the arena. The name and address of your contact, phone number, and e-mail are also needed.

Entry is free at Delph, as we run a Sponsor a Band Scheme, rather like the national lottery and whoever sponsors the winning band gets a £50 prize, this is popular with the locals and of course with the bands.

Please bring a copy of your chosen march with you, the booking-in steward will advise you whether it is needed as the adjudicator has our comprehensive file of marches acquired over the years, which speeds things up and makes it easier for bands and adjudicators. However, these days there are new marches, and sometimes old ones seldom heard these days. At the booking-in point there is a duplicate list, and you will be told if a copy is needed, if so it should be handed to the steward in the gazebo in the arena.

Once you have played, your band will exit Gartside Street, turn left and walk over the bridge to pick up your coach where the road widens and the coach will be parked, again we request the engine is turned off while the driver is waiting. Then, merely follow the diversion signs and off to your next contest. Good luck!